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System Requirements

Please to customize and match it with the computer specs listed below, so there will be no constraints in the future.

Classification Minimun Requirement Recomended Req.
Operating System Windows XP Windows 7/8/10 or latest.
Processor (CPU) PENTIUM III 2 GHz PENTIUM IV 3.1 Ghz or latest.
Memory (RAM) 256 MB 512 MB or greater.
Video Card NVIDIA/ATI 128 MB NVIDIA/ATI 512 MB Ghz or latest.
DirectX DirectX 9.0c DirectX 9.0c or latest.
Hard Drive 1GB HDD 2GB HDD or greater.

Dowload Links

Please choose one of the active links above to download our game client, then read the brief guide below so that you will not have any difficulty in the installation process.


Full Client 1


Full Client 2

Mini Guide

  1. After you finish downloading please start the installation process by expanding on the compressed file.

  2. If our game client is detected as a virus, please register for an exception sessions on your anti-virus, the file we serve is not a virus, it can be caused by program patterns that have similar headers.

  3. Next is to install HOST on your operating system, this can be done by double clicking host.exe in the game client folder that you extract.

  4. Next run the updater file to update, so that you get the latest game client.

  5. After the update process is complete, please double click the game launcher to start the game.
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