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Feel free to review our donation system and prices

Please weigh and choose the donation options we have given, if you are sure of the value to be donated, please read the procedure of transfer and you can claim it through the user panel that we provide.

Donation Point Price IDR Price USD
400 35.000 3.50
600 50.000 5.00
1.250 100.000 10.00
1.900 150.000 150.00
2.500 200.000 20.00
3.200 250.000 25.00
6.500 500.000 50.00


  1. Please choose the amount of donations what you want.

  2. Transfer your money to
    Country Region Bank Owner Acct No. / Email
    Indonesia BCA Asep Fariza 6130262129
    Indonesia Paypal Asep Fariza
  3. After transfer your money, you can confirm from user panel claim donation or for fast response :

    Format :
    [ID Game][Amount][Sender's Name]

    Example :

  4. Donation process will be done in time 1x24hours.

  5. There is dont have compulsion in donations.

Bank Supported

bca paypal
The schedule of bank transfer offline depends on the rules of each bank, please check first

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