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Welcome to the wonderful land of Shiltz!

Experience a world of adventure as you journey through a vibrant and enchanting world filled with whimsical characters in search of riches, fame, love, and friendship.

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Pet Evolution Stage 6 22 Apr 2018
[Permanent] Player Claim Rewards 22 Apr 2018
Font Sealindo Classic 22 Apr 2018
Custom Guild Emblem 22 Apr 2018
Jadwal Event Mingguan 22 Apr 2018

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Legend of Shiltz

In the beginning, there was nothing but the void.

Darkness and Light, materials of all composition were created from nothing.

First, Malkuth collected explosives from the Sea of Fire and hurled them across the sky. They filled the sky with stars and the largest amongst them became the Sun, burning brightest of all.

Next, Yesod flooded the world with water to douse the flames. On the third day, Hod created the continents using soil. Then, Dean erected the Pillars of Steel on the fourth day.

Finally, the Great Tiphareth planted trees, and the world as we know it began to take shape.

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